Dr Oglesby is a 1984 graduate of the University of Georgia School of Veterinary Medicine but his serious involvement with animals goes back to his childhood. Never being without at least a few dogs, a number of cats, and tropical fish, these were often complemented with tropical fish, exotic birds, hamsters, rats, turtles, frogs, toads, and snakes. At 15 he went to work at the largest pet shop in Atlanta which was one of the first in the nation to have it's own veterinary hospital built in. By 18 he had developed an affection for horseback riding that persists to this day. Early on he knew he wanted to be a veterinarian but he would not realize that goal until he was 31. Now he lives on a equine farm along with a large complement of dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, and pet rats.

Janette, his wife, is the office manager and one of the technicians at SVH. She is a lifelong native having grown up in the Summerfield area and graduated our local agricultural college North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State College with a BS in Animal Science in 1985. She too has a long history with animals before college. Growing up on a farm in Summerfield she was never without horses, dogs, and cats. Being a working farm there was the frequent exposure to chickens, hogs, and cattle. Getting her first pony at 3 years of age she would not be without at least one horse for the rest of her life. Currently she rides a Paso Fino stallion, Sancho de Vez, which she took to the 2008 National High Point Champion in both Western Pleasure and Trail classes.

Aiding Dr Oglesby and Janette is a staff of five employees. Michael Sellers and Hunter Pegg rotate around the receptionist and technical duties. Michael, a long time employee, also is a volunteer on our local Fire Department. They are helped by Dana Oglesby and Austin Nadler at reception and kennel. Our clients rapidly learn to trust and depend on our staff to take excellent care of their pets and help them with appointments and keeping their records straight.