Dr. Robert Oglesby

Dr Oglesby is a 1984 graduate of the University of Georgia School of Veterinary Medicine but his serious involvement with animals goes back to his childhood. Never being without at least a few dogs, a number of cats, these were often complemented with tropical fish, exotic birds, hamsters, rats, turtles, frogs, toads, and snakes. By 18 he had developed an affection for horseback riding that persists to this day. At 15 he went to work at the largest pet shop in Atlanta which was one of the first in the nation to have it's own veterinary hospital built in. Early on he knew he wanted to be a veterinarian but he would not realize that goal until he was 31. Now he lives on a ranch along with a large complement of dogs, horses, cats, and birds.

Dr Mindy Wesely

Dr Wesely Mindy Wesely is a Wisconsin native that moved her to beautiful NC a couple of years ago. She started her career in veterinary medicine working in emergency medicine and then moved to working as a mixed animal practitioner. True to her Wisconsin roots, she has a herd of beef cows and spends her free time working with them (they are very spoiled!). She also has horses, cats, and a very spoiled border collie/australian shepherd mutt named Zipporah, or "Zippy" for short. Zippy loves helping work cows with her. In her free time she and Zippy both enjoy hiking, camping, and fishing, particularly for catfish, but also enjoys flyfishing. She is active in the NCVMA and a member of the AVMA.

Janette Oglesby

Janette, Dr Oglesby's wife, is the office manager at SVH. She is a lifelong native of this area having grown up in the Summerfield area and graduated our local agricultural college North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State College with a BS in Animal Science in 1985. She too has a long history with animals. Growing up on a farm she was never without horses, dogs, and cats. Being a working farm there was the frequent exposure to chickens, hogs, and cattle. Getting her first pony at 3 years of age she would not be without at least one horse for the rest of her life. Currently she rides a Paso Fino stallion, Sundancers Sancho de Vez, which she took to the 2008 National High Point Champion in both Western Pleasure and Trail classes. Janette breeds imported European working line German Shepherd Dogs, producing several litters of high quality puppies each year.

Hunter Pegg

Hunter Pegg Hunter was born in Summerfield, NC. He has spent all of his life in the Summerfield/Stokesdale Area, attending Stokesdale Elementary school and making friends that would keep him tied to the area. Growing up there was always at least one pet in the household. After graduating high school he attended college at UNCG for Hotel and Restaurant management but shortly after beginning college he began working at Stokesdale Veterinary Hospital. Hunter has been at SVH since January 2010 and has decided to pursue a career working with animals instead and has become an invaluable technician at the hospital.

Sirena Headlee

Sirena was born and raised here in Stokesdale, NC. She grew up around all kinds of animals. Always having plenty of dogs and cats around the house she has always been a animal lover. Being the neighbor of Janette and Dr. Oglesby and good friends with their two children Robin and Dana increased her exposure to horses and other farm animals. After high school she started cleaning houses then one day walked in Stokesdale Veterinary Hospital to get her dog Isaac a bath, and got offered a job as a kennel tech but since has worked her way up to a veterinary technician.

Karen Hailey

Karen Hailey Has been a part of Stokesdale Veterinary Hospital Team for almsot a year. She lives in Greensboro with her 11 year old son Alex, a one year old Whippet mix named Devin and a three year old Ball Python named Naterie. Karen brings a lot of experience to SVH having worked in the veterinary medical field for 21 years. She graduated from CCCC in Sanford, NC with an AAS in Veterinary Medical Technology in 1996.


Hidi is the Oglesby's rat terrier and is a wise 10 years young. Hidi is the boss and supervises everything we do in the hospital. She especially likes to be sure that when we are working with a little dog on an exam table that we are doing everything right. Her favorite activity is playing fetch and she will go back and forth and beg to play until SHE is done. Her next favorite activity is watching when anyone walks by the fridge and she is right there to see if you will give her a treat. You can't help but give her one, but don't tell Dr. Oglesby!


Beau is Stokesdale Veterinary Hospital's clinic cat. He lives in the hospital most of the time unless he sneaks outside. He waits by the window. When he sees you coming up the ramp he will perch by the door then dart out as you walk in scaring those who do not know Beau. He is normally very easy going and enjoys being wrapped in a towel and held like a baby. He is also a great demonstrator cat to show procedures to clients. He only drinks water from the LeBleu water cooler spout. He's the best clinic cat you could ask for and we love him very much.